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11:00 p.m. - Thursday, Jun. 23, 2005
Feetsies & Newport
Holy crap it's been awhile!

It's only been a little more than a week, but so much has happened in the meantime. And I want to write about it all, because mostly it's all wonderful, but it just seems so overwhelming when I look at this big empty box & wonder where the heck I begin.

I guess I can take it day by day.

So yeah, the day after Isabella was born...Wednesday. Not much too report there except that I booked a videographer for the wedding & Matt & I had a long talk about how scary this wedding stuff is because of the money. Luckily, he's still really gung-ho about it, & he's never expressed any doubts about actually getting hitched (which I, unfortunately, have, but that's a different story for a different time & I'm past that now anyway). So at least that gives me some hope, because I have alot of faith in him & he carries it all, keeping us going & keeping my spirits up.

The next day, we met Isabella.

Ain't she a cutie? Well, as it turns out, she had a few medical problems even after the fact, so they ended up in the hospital with her again a couple of days later because of a problem with jaundis (sp?) in her skin, & she had to stay in an incubator getting a tan for a few days (which hurt to see, but she seemed quite comfy).

Hrmm...I think Friday was nothing exciting, but honestly, I can't remember now, LOL. that was a good day. I started it by doing some light shopping with Jen, although honestly, I didn't buy much, just a pair of flip flops & a Hello Kitty watch, which I might end up bringing back this weekend anyway. But then around 4pm, we started heading out to pick people up & go to Newport to see this guy, who was just BEYOND hilarious! He did all new material & for days afterwards, the group of us that went kept repeating the jokes over & over, hehhe...we just couldn't get enough.

Here he is spazzing out as his usual self:

Soooo funny. After the show, Jen & Ed, who joined us for it, took off, but the rest of us stayed around to explore the city. It was so nice out that night & we were looking to party, so we walked around for a bit while Kristin was trying to make plans with some of her other friends to come down & join us.

Haha, I'm not going to lie, I like that picture because it's kind of artistic...or some crap like that.

Here's a couple of shots of some of my fave people in this world:

From left to right is: Me, Kristin, Johnny O., Matt, Jerry, & John S. aka Lil' John.

And hey look, for a bonus, here's a close up shot...oooh, ahhh...

I know, I'm a dork but that's ok.

We finally decided on a pub, which I can't remember the name of now, but I loved the place. It's a place I couldn't get into last year when hanging with Matt, Artin, Jess, Anthony, etc. Long story...but anyways, on the way, we saw a few interesting things that caught our attention. Of course, this was a prime spot for me:

And funny enough, Johnny O. noticed that in the other window of that record store, they were good enough to display the ultimate dating survival kit, complete with condoms, lip moisturizer, headache medicine, petroleum jelly & Pepto Bismal, of course. Hey, you gotta be ready for that last-minute emergency:

We ended up staying at the pub until closing time, & Lil' John & I talked alot about how we want to make out with our iPod mini's, if only we could, & we all sung along to "Laid" & "Piano Man", sung by the live band whose name I didn't catch but I do know they were damn good. It was a great time, even funnier when the place closed, kicked us out, & we stumbled through the streets of Newport looking for our cars.

Sunday was BORING. Got Chinese food & hung with my parents for a bit & watched some Benny Hill (it was my Dad's gift for Father's Day, a DVD collection of the guy). Then later that night, we visited Brian & Lauren at the hospital to check on them & the baby, & everything was going really well.

Hrmm..then began the work week & there's really not much to report there. I've been going running every day after work at the local track, & I'm actually pretty surprised at myself. But I guess something just snapped in me where I feel like now, more than ever, I want to look & feel a certain way & I'm tired of putting it off. I hope I can keep it up.

I guess that's about it. Oh, & for a bit more fun while I'm actually motivated by pictures, here's some cute-ass feetsies for ya:



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