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11:04 a.m. - Sunday, Jul. 10, 2005
It's Diary Time!
So. Friday night was SO MUCH FUN.

It was me, Matt, Eddy, John & his buddy Jerry that went to go see the Fantastic Four movie that hit theaters that night. First off, the movie wasn't exactly the most incredible thing I've ever seen, but it definitely wasn't as bad as all the reviews had put it. Then again, those are critic reviews & all the average joe users on Yahoo! seemed to love it.

After the movie was the real fun part. We all hopped next door to Applebee's to get a couple of drinks & John & especially Jerry had me crackin' up because they kept using The Thing's line, "It's clobberin' time" but with different things. Example: 'It's drinkin' time, it's pass out time, it's hot wings time, it's bathroom time, flame on!'


I think you just had to be there. Those 2 are freakin' hilarious, especially when put together.

Meanwhile, I think Matt & I got into our first real fight yesterday, which in all reality, wasn't really a fight. It consisted of me giving a little attitude, him dishing it back, & a big hug an hour later. Yes, I think we were both pretty pissed at one point, but we got over it.

And crap, I'm so mad at myself...I still haven't gotten the AC in my car recharged. And tomorrow? Yeah, slated to be 93 for a high. Ewww....sticky.



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