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7:22 p.m. - Tuesday, Jul. 12, 2005
Titia Aidinha
Ok about my aunt. :)

So one of my many aunts flew in from Portugal a little more than a week ago, & last night was the first time I saw her. Actually, it was the first time I've seen her in 20 years. I was kind of nervous when Matt & I pulled up & were getting out of the car. I mean, my Portuguese is decent, but I've lost some of my accent & was a little embarrassed by that, plus I wasn't sure what to say to someone who I haven't seen in that long. But wow, it was like we've never been apart. I gave her a big hug when I saw her, & she was just beautiful. And right away, she started joking with me about everything, & she's such a clown, I love it! She's a very light-hearted person, she was constantly joking & telling stories & just generally having a good time. Even Matt was getting in on some of it, as she was picking on him here & there, but then making sure he knew he was a good guy & she kept saying he was so handsome. (Of course it helps that he's a blonde...Portuguese people just LOVE blondes...). I also got to meet her son, Nelson, who is my 15 year old cousin who happens to be just a spitting image of my uncle. Unfortunately, my uncle Edward died about a year ago, so I didn't get to see him again.

So yeah, my aunt Aida, I swear, she's pretty much what I want to be when I get to her age, & actually, she's still pretty young, she's only 40. It was cool to see her & my mom joking around in the home language, & I haven't seen my mother that happy or giddy in quite some time. She had a new light in her, a new fire, & I loved it. I really wish I could see my aunt more often, she's just so great. But we're already making plans for her to come back for the wedding next year & for me to fly over a year after that, so at least we have that to look forward to.

I'm also relieved & really glad that Matt got along ok there, even though he was surrounded by a family speaking in another tongue. I tried to translate everything for him as it was happening, but I'm sure it was still a little weird & uncomfortable, but he kept smiling, kept laughing, & said he had a good time too, watching all the culture & watching me having fun. I've had ex's who got mad at the whole "you're speaking another language in front of me & that's rude" thing. But Matt doesn't seem to mind, & he's even learning quite a bit. I'm pretty proud. :)

I came up with an idea today, but I don't know how to go about incorporating it or if it's even appropriate. I thought of some wedding vows I'd like to say...but in the home language. :)



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