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11:01 p.m. - Sunday, Aug. 13, 2006
A Good Saturday
Ahh, Sunday evenings. They can be so hard. Lucky for me, I don't mind my job that much anymore (for the moment), so I'm not totally dreading going in tomorrow. Also, we have a meeting with a lending firm tomorrow (ugh, mortgage talk blows), so that'll help the work day fly since I have to leave for a few hours.

This weekend was pretty good. Yesterday we had the house inspection, which was great because we got to find out more about the house, & also we've seen it only once since we bid on it. I thought that was weird in itself, you're making one of the biggest, if not already the biggest, purchases of your life, but apparently that happens to alot of people, where they only see the house once & then move in. But anyway, so we got to see it again & realized it's a bigger living space than I thought, so that was nice. However, that place needs some cosmetic help. Like the carpet are all industrial carpet, which is like instant rugburn when you have bare feet. And the kitchen cabinets are in rough shape. And some of the rooms are a hideous shade of green or yellow. And then someone at some point tried doing a real cheap version of hardwood flooring in the dining room & living room & there are huge gaps between the boards & it's a nasty color. will be ours, & we get to do what we wish with it. I'm so sick of the usual hospital-white walls that come with apartments. I'm so sick of our lousy white-trash neighbors. I'm so sick of being up until 2am because my crack-whore neighbor with the 5 kids from all different dads decides she wants to walk around like an ox all night. It's going to be our home to do with what we wish, & we're going to paint & carpet & install shelves & fill that house with love & pride. I can't wait! I've never lived in a place with an upstairs before, that'll be a new thing to me. I can't wait for that, either! Alot of people may not understand that, but when you grew up in an apartment & that's all you've ever lived in as an adult as well, this comes as a real treat in so many ways. ;)

After the inspection, we spent some time at Brian & Lauren's, who will be living in just the next building from us (literally a minute walk). We got to play with their daughter Isabella for awhile. What a cutie! 14 months old & already stealing hearts wherever she goes. Not just adults, either. All the neighborhood kids just had to stop & see her when riding by on their bikes.

Later on in the night, Brian & Lauren got a babysitter & we went out to dinner & then to Waterfire in Providence. It was so much fun! We don't get out with them too often because of the baby, so it was real cool. Got some great pictures I'll link to later. Even got a new favorite picture of Matt & I kissing. :)

Today was a bit rough getting up, we just kind of lounged in bed until nearly 1pm, then got up & went to play tennis with my brother. It made me realize how badly out of shape I am, but it also made me feel so alive. Matt & I are planning on doing it more often. It was great, he said he felt so good physically after playing, & that's not something you can hear coming from him too often lately. We're hoping to get in better shape by playing that more often, since it's more fun than going to the gym or just walking or whatever. Yay!

That's about it for now. Life is good for the moment. We're just relaxing as I write this by playing pool on Yahoo Games. Then off to bed. We're both so exhausted from being on that court for nearly 4 hours today, but it's the good kind of exhaustion that usually brings a real restful sleep.



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