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7:39 a.m. - Thursday, Sept. 07, 2006
I swear to God there has got to be some way of exacting revenge on the bitch that lives upstairs from me without me getting caught.

The dumb crack-ho kept me up until 4am because of her stomping around & her loud-ass boyfriend rolling into driveway now & then with his lousy rap music blaring. It wasn't even good music!

I can't wait to leave that place. I'm at work now & totally exhausted, & somehow I'm supposed to work OT. I swear I was ready to pour oil of some sort all over the stairs this morning in hopes that she'd slip & fall & possibly break both legs so that she can't walk for awhile. Ohhhh, how mean I can be when I'm so tired.

I'll call the landlady again even though I know she won't do crap about it. But I'll leave a nice long note for the next tenant about how much this place sucks. I feel bad for that family. Or maybe they'll be just as white-trashy as the rest of the folks that live there currently, then they can fit in. tired. So cranky.



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