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10:42 p.m. - Friday, Dec. 01, 2006
Things are going a little better, but it could be that the weekend is FINALLY here. I'm pretty sure this week was the equivalent of like, 20 days, but whatever. It's Friday night & it's good!

So I had gotten some big news on Monday that I hadn't popped in here at all. I am now a SENIOR Service Specialist, which it's nice to have that title now for starters. But I had been promised this would happen in December, so it was kind of no surprise. What was a surprise was that my manager put me at the very top of the list (which is hard to do sometimes)...AND...big fat raise goes with it. Like thousands more a year. That's unheard of in my department. I was so proud, because I knew how hard I've worked for it, but it was so cool to hear the nice things my manager had to say about me. Meanwhile, Matt's job has been disappointing him lately & he's been making alot of quips about how I'll be making more money than him soon (I'm catching up quick). He says they're jokes & all, but I almost get the feeling like he's being a bit serious, too. I hope I haven't hurt his pride too much. Either way, when I look at the fact that I'm earning more money, I'm thinking about it as if it's for both of us. Because what I want to accomplish with my money are things for us, like new cars, vacations, bigger house, etc. I hope he understands that.

Meanwhile...I just downloaded World of Warcraft. I've been debating getting it for awhile, & I'm even delaying starting it up. I'm just afraid of getting sucked into yet another online role-playing game. Interestingly enough, this is the very game where my ex-boyfriend Chris plays a character he named Aida. Lovely. But a few of my other friends play, too. And the first person I need to go find is Johnny O, & join his guild. He's been bugging me about it for weeks, but I think it's just funny.

So I'm off...



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