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10:15 a.m. - Sunday, Dec. 10, 2006
Dance, Dance
So yeah. A few things of significance this week...

Started playing World of Warcraft (aka WOW)...totally hooked, totally obsessed. I'm at work & I keep thinking about going home at playing. I'm at home playing & I keep thinking about the next time I can play. It's really bad, but at least Matt plays, too, which makes it even more fun. But the only thing that stinks about the last time we did this (with EverQuest) is that if one of us gets tired of it before the other & stops playing, than it makes it hard for us to get along. Case & point, I had quit EQ, he kept playing, but was playing way too much for my taste, & we ended up having Fight of 2005. Of course, we call it that because that's pretty much the only time we can remember that we REALLY fought, which is a good thing, but still. I just don't want that to happen to this game, too. But so far, I'm having so much fun with it. And it's really cool because Johnny O & Eric play it, too.

Speaking of Eric...he told me he made a new character to play on our server (he was on a different one to start) & he brought over a few people with him. In my mind, I assumed that meant that he maybe got Chris to make a new character, too. So I told Matt about it & asked him if he'd mind that my ex might want to play in groups with us, & Matt totally was perfect about it & was all, 'No, no way, it's just another person to help us kill stuff, that's all. You married me, that's all I need.' So ok, no biggie. So I was talking to Eric & asked him about that situation, but he said Chris refused to create another character, because he still apparently has a problem with me, so he can't even talk to me or be around me IN A GAME. Ok, so my first issue is, WHY does he have a problem with me? He stole all my shit! Like my DVD's, my CD's, & I'll never see that stuff again. Let alone that fucking asshole totally downed my self-esteem for like, LIFE because he straight-out called me fat a few times just before we broke up, & he refused to break up with me because he was lazy, then he took the extra time to tell me how he was dating my friend Kelly (who obviously wasn't a real friend) after me & she gave him head...yeah, he was nice & disgusting. And I'll never see my stuff again because he's a giant cock, but that's ok. And I was pretty mad at hearing this at first, especially since he had the nerve to call me just before I got married & tell me I shouldn't get married because he was still in love with me, even though he had a GIRLFRIEND at the time. Ugh!! mad as that got me when I heard that, I thought about Matt. And I told him everything that I just said above, with even more swears, but Matt was so cool about everything. His answer was that he'd give me a hug when he got home from work that day, & that I was better off without Chris anyway. And that just made me thankful because I realized that my decisions were right. I'm glad I broke it off with Chris. I'm even more glad I married Matt. He's such a wonderful guy, has never made me feel inadequate, & has done nothing but support me. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve a guy as good as Matt. But I'm just grateful & I guess that's a good thing because that'll always keep me in check.

Hahaha, apparently I've given Matt an appreciation for Daft Punk now. I got to thinking about them the other day because we finally got the wedding video back, & I hadn't realized the DJ had played "One More Time" there, so it reminded me of other songs by them, like Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger, & Matt's new fave...Digital Love. Which is funny, it was like 'Bill & I's Song', but it's been 3 years, & you know what? It's a good song. It brings back a little pang of memories, but oh well. I have a tendency to remember where I've heard most of the songs I love for the first time, it's just a thing I do. So that stuff won't leave me.

Last night was great, we hung out with Missy & Jeff. I love their house, & it's inspiring for me because it makes me want to work that much harder because then maybe some day, we can get a house like that. And I love them because they're a bit older than us, & don't have children yet, but are really living it up with the nice house, lots of travelling, going to school, etc. That's what I'm aspiring to be right now. And it was so refreshing because everyone's trying to get us to have children, but Missy & Jeff are a perfect example of why we should wait. We still have plenty of time. Plus it's always fun to hang with them anway, they're just fun people. I love talking to them.

Ok, I'm going to log now & get going on WOW....yes, I know, I'm sad, I don't care. It's Sunday. ;) And woot, Savage Garden just came on my mix!!



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