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10:05 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 29, 2009
The One Where My In-Laws Ruined My Day (As Usual)

Today WAS a good day. Was being the operative word, of course. It started with me getting up to a baby in a good mood, smiling at me as I changed her diaper. It continued with her eating pretty well & keeping it down. I then went to the doctor for my postpartum checkup, & everything looks ok. I forgot to ask the doc a couple of questions (that I even wrote down, to boot!) but that's ok. She's so sweet, & let me know that I can return to work whenever I want, she'll sign off on any date I choose. Which means more time home with the daughter, yay! Afterwards, I went to Walmart & the little one was so good in there, just quietly looking around, dozing off here & there. Then we went over Lauren's house, which was nice to talk to her for a bit. But I will say this...that Belle...yikes. Cute kid, but kinda bratty. Might just be her age though. Although the truth of it is, I seriously have walked away from that house before & wished I wasn't pregnant for fear I'd have a kid like that. But I digress. Then I went home, & my mom & aunt Fernanda visited for awhile, which was nice as usual.

Then...oh boy. Matt's aunt, grandma & cousin came over for dinner. They wanted to drop some books off for the daughter, which I thought was really nice of them. And dinner was good, besides the one comment I heard from his cousin about her starving (basically saying I was taking too long). Then, auntie & I started talking about her sister (my mother-in-law) & how she refuses to talk to auntie & how they fought over money a few years ago & they still refuse to talk to each other. Somehow, grandma, with her usual big mouth, got to criticizing auntie & started fighting with her. Meanwhile, my baby started crying because holy crap all of a sudden there's these really loud voices yelling all around her. I was shaking so bad while holding her, because there was nothing more that I wanted to do than to turn around & tell his grandmother to shut the fuck up & get the hell out of my house. I can't begin to describe how annoying this woman is, really. And the most hilarious yet fucked up thing is when she's yelling at her daughter (Matt's aunt) that she makes everything all about her, but then she interrupts the talking to complain about how no one listens to her & continues to tell us the same mundane story of how her & her sister don't get along. WHAT??!! Seriously...took every fiber of my being not to slap her & kick her out.

So...needless to say, never again. I've been to their house when this has happened & at that point, it's easy to just up & leave. But with it happening in my house? Yeah, I don't think so. Maybe this wouldn't bother me so bad normally, but I now have a small child to think about. I don't want my daughter exposed to this crap! It's bad enough that I've been snappy with Matt lately & I can feel my patience wearing thin sometimes. But I always apologize to him almost immediately, knowing I shouldn't be snapping so easily. On top of that, I didn't get in our daily walk (& I desperately need the exercise), & I also didn't get the time to give the daughter a bath. Bah!

But to end the day on a good note, I have finally saved enough money to pay off one of our credit cards (yay!). Of course, now I owe my mom $1700, but still. I wanted to pay that one off before time was up (at the end of August) or else I'd have a balloon interest payment of about $900, but now I can just totally avoid all that. God, money is all I think about these days, I hope I can get back on track. I need desperately to pay off our $35k in debt in order to feel like I'm doing right by my daughter.

Alright diary, I'm going to go enjoy my daughter & husband & kitties & bunny...



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