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12:33 a.m. - Monday, May. 30, 2005
"I'm going to go dance!!" I shouted as I ran towards the gazebo.

Matt, Lauren, Brian & I went out to dinner tonight at Papa Razi's, which has quickly become Matt & I's place of choice when dining out. Placed right in the center of Garden City (kind of like a strip mall), there's a gazebo near by where you can hear the music playing inside it even in the parking lot near it. So while the other 3 were chatting by our cars, I ran over to the gazebo & started doing the cabbage patch & acting goofy & all the like. Then in movie-like style, Matt took my breath away by running up to the gazebo, taking me in his arms & slow-dancing with me. And I looked dreamily up into his eyes & asked, "Is this what it'll be like when we dance our wedding in a year?". I think he just stole my heart all over again when he said, "Yes, just like this".

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