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10:38 p.m. - Wednesday, Jul. 13, 2005
So we started around 6pm. I picked up my mom & aunt & headed a few towns over & stopped in at David's Bridal. Which, of course, is the place I swore I'd never find a dress at, etc. etc.

Now funny enough, I've gone to a small boutique before. I tried on like 20 dresses at one, & none of them seemed to please me, nor did the girls there seem very helpful. So I didn't expect much from a chain store type of place.

BUT...Jessica, my consultant, was great. She was this preppy looking girl with the thick black glasses that just stood out because she seemed cool but still down to earth. And that she was, & she was so good at reading what I liked & didn't like, etc. And very patient with me, considering I'm so hard on myself. But after only 5 dresses, I found IT. And my mom & aunt knew right away, that was the one. And I tried it on a couple more times after a few more dresses, just to make double sure, but I already knew. It's so frightening, so scary, so nerve-racking, because it's not what I had pictured for myself in my head, but Jessica said that's the way it always is, that you see something on the rack, believe it's probably not what you'd pick & you might even think it's ugly, but when put on you, it's a totally different story. And in the gown I thought least likely to be my choice, I felt like a princess, & there's no other way to put it.

So...this day will be remembered for a long time, it was just like I had pictured it, & that makes me so happy. This is my wedding dress.

Did I say eek yet?



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