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10:54 a.m. - Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2008
A Crazy Kind of Day

I'm feeling so 'blah' today, & I have some reasonings as to why, & normally such things would leave my angry, but I'm not even feeling as such...just quiet, & 'blah'.

And I know my job is customer service based...I take calls all day & also work with other co-workers to resolve some complex issues. But I'm so not feeling it today. I'm getting huffy every time the phone rings & I have no right to, since that's the main part of my job. Go & figure. What I'd really like is to crawl under a blanket in my bed & cuddle up with Brittany & watch some Buffy or Serenity or something.

On another note, I have found yet another reason to lose more respect in my father this weekend. He apparently hangs out with my brother now & then, & this past Saturday is when he decided my brother should meet his 'ex-girlfriend'...which is total bullshit for so many reasons, not to mention I think he's a liar & she is not his ex, but probably is still his girlfriend. Then my bro was dumb enough to tell my mother, who is not only not over the fact that her husband cheated on her multiple times over the past 30 years, but is now flaunting it to her son. Not only that, but she is VERY nosy & ended up asking him 10,000 questions (I'm not even exaggerating as to how nosy she is) & my brother, being ill-tempered, threw a fit AT HER WORK. The thing is, her work has been taken over by new management & they are super strict now, & luckily she only got a warning, but she could've definitely gotten fired, since Eddy took a potted plant & threw it against a wall (& caused a huge mess, mind you).

I forgot where I was going with all this because all of a sudden things got INSANE at work...& I just spent the last hour & a half trying to complete an extremely time-sensitive project. I did do it, but holy cow I have a headache now. And because I'm on the phone, my daily schedule is made up by an actual scheduling group, which consists of about 5 people who come & go as they please & have no idea what it's like to be chained to your phone for a phone shift. So my lunch today is at 1:30pm....I'm almost there now, but damn!

Ok, that's all for now. I'm going to attempt to unwind between calls by reading some forwards.




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